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Hey y'all! 👋

This is Marie, your friendly neighborhood advice column aficionado turned aspiring amateur.

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👍 Topics I'd love to talk about

Not an exhaustive list, just some ideas of the kinds of things I'm already thinking about!
  • dealing with the unknown
  • moving and making changes in your life
  • making friends and building community
  • imposter syndrome / gaining self-confidence
  • learning how to advocate for yourself
  • learning how to set and enforce healthy boundaries, even when it feels uncomfortable
  • the tech industry
  • work-life balance
  • finding space for Christian faith and queer affirmation as an ally

👎 Topics I'm not comfortable covering

This is the kind of content that's not really in my wheelhouse—but I'm including suggestions of columns that I love that might be better suited!
Questions best answered from an LGBTQ+ and/or POC perspective
Trauma, abuse, or mental health questions
Sex stuff
BONUS: Other columns I love that might be more your style

💬 Now ask away!

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